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The application for de-registration is generally processed via the "StudiLöwe" portal. Log in with your registration number and your personal password.

Under the menu item "Mein Studium" "Studienservice" or under "Service""Anträge" click on the button "Exmatrikulation" and then on the button "Neuen Antrag erfassen".

There, select the reason for your de-registration and indicate the date on which you would like to be de-registered. Then submit the application to the Student Admission and Registration for International Students by clicking on the "Antrag abgeben" button.

We will automatically send you a certificate of de-registration after we have processed your application.


Immediately after de-registration, you no longer have access to your ZIM account. This means that you will no longer be able to print out certificates of enrolment. Since these are often required for submission to other offices after de-registration, please save your certificates of enrolment as a PDF file on your private computer beforehand.

However, you will still have access to your university e-mail inbox for three months after the date of de-registration. You can find information on this here.


Generally, de-registration takes place at the end of a semester.

Please note that in the case of same day de-registration, the student ID loses its validity from the date of de-registration. In your own interest, please dispose of it yourself after receiving the de-registration certificate. In this case, you can still use the semester ticket until the end of the respective month, after which it loses its validity and will be cancelled.


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